Thursday, 5 February 2015

New development model

Since Kadu 1.0 I'm working with new development model. It was first described in On versioning post. Its basic idea is very simple: release often, underpromise and overdeliver. Thanks to this 1.0 series had already 5 bugfix releases (last one, 1.5, was released just two weeks ago), 2.0 is almost released and work on 3.0 is underway.

Work on 2.0 was started very quickly around 1.0 release (to be completely honest, most of Qt5 port work was done by beevvy a long time ago). I didn't made big plans for it - just finish Qt5 port and add a few small features (and, of course, fix as much bugs as possible). And now it is almost release ready (rc2 will be available this weekend) and work on Kadu 3.0 is already progressing very nicely (this time with 100% support of file transfers in Gadu Gadu).

This is possible thanks to change of my own mentality (underpromise instead of overpromise) and to much improved source code quality - it is easier to make changes than 10 to 5 years ago. Also openSUSE Build Service is a great help - working Windows installer can be available just a hour after any commit.

So, get ready for 2.0 and for 3.0 testing!


  1. Do you want to make it multiprotocol? implement libpurple?

    1. There is no need, because Kadu already supports XMPP alongside GaduGadu officialy since 0.9.0 ( Unofficialy there was plugin for in for 0.6.0 and 0.6.5 versions.