Thursday, 20 November 2014

Kadu 2.0 progress

Yesterday I finished last big infrastructure item planned for 2.0 (roster simplification). There is one big feature left to do (Unity integration) and a few bugs. As there will not be (probably) version 1.3, all of bugs assigned to it will be moved to 2.0 release.

There is one scary thing to do after Unity integration - creating Windows build. New Kadu is based on Qt5 instead of old Qt4. This means we have to update also QCA and Iris libraries. My experience with releasing 1.0 tells me that this will not be easy at all.

As for now, Injeqt integration is going very well. 0.9.0 release of this library will come this month and 1.0 before Kadu 2.0. First C++ application with Guice-like dependency injection is coming to change the world :)

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