Tuesday, 30 September 2014

On versioning

Kadu 1.0 was released just a few days ago. It was a 14 years long journey to get here from beginning. From one side it feels like great accomplishment - version 1.0 marks application as mature and finished. From another - it is just a release like many before - I can honestly say that Kadu was ready for that number years ago and could now be much higher version.

But that is just a number - not of a very big importance as Chrome 37 and Firefox 32 shows us for a some time. For that reason I've decided to change Kadu versioning to be more Chrome and Firefox-like. Next feature version will be number 2 (bugfix will be 1.1) and will contain just a few minor features and be a big port to Qt5 (already 98% of that is done). It is possible it will be done before end of a year. 14 years from 0.1 to 1.0 and then 4 months from 1.0 to 2.0 - nice speedup :) Version 3.0 will some as soon as we replace Iris with another, more developer-friendly, XMPP/Jabber library (that will also include some minor features and maybe some major).

From yet another side - I'm very happy that I've postponed 1.0 so much since 1.0-alpha1. It took almost year to fix all bugs reported since (not all were very important). When alpha5 was released - almost no bugs were reported. I was so sure of that version that whole beta cycle was skipped and rc1 was released just after. It took five months and 11 rc versions to fix what people reported in rc series. But maybe just nobody wanted to test alpha versions? Who knows...

I hope that next releases will come more often and with smaller set of changes. Release early, release often.

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  1. Congratulations on 1.0 release!

    I'm not sure however about this new versioning scheme. Chrome is practically a rolling release (also due it's update mechanism), and FF has quite frequent and strict release schedule (new version every 6 weeks, afair). Those are big projects, with lots of contributors, and with noticeable momentum. I'm curious if this strategy will scale down to smaller projects.

    Anyway, good luck and thanks for great work on Kadu!