Tuesday, 13 May 2014

1.0 and 1.1 status update

Good news. Or bad news. Depends on point of view. No bugs were reported for 1.0-rc1 after release. It can mean that there are no more bugs or that no one is testing. In either way - if that stays as it is for the next 3 weeks - I'm gonna release 1.0 unchanged from rc1. Probably without Windows port.

Now about 1.1 (or maybe just Kadu 2 if we switch to Firefox/Chrome-like versioning). Beevvy did amazing job porting 90% of the Kadu to Qt5. I've ported remaining 9.9%. Last 0.1% will have to be abandoned. This probably caused some regressions that we are not aware of (and a few that I've found already). I'm going to fix that in following weeks and release 1.1-alpha1 as soon as possible. That will make 1.1 release a Qt5-port-only one.

I don't want to make mistake similar to when 0.6.0 was ported to Qt4 as 0.6.5 with so many additional changes it took a few months too long. I also hope that 1.1 will be ported to Windows.

Lets get to work!

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