Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kadu 1.0 for Windows

I've spent last few weeks trying to build Kadu 1.0 for Windows. I've failed. Many times.

Some time ago Bartek wrote set of bat files that helps building our project on Windows. Unfortunately they were a little bit out of date, so I worked a bit and updated what I could. After some time every dependency was compiling/downloading properly. Then come time for Kadu. It turns out that our C++11 usage was well over MSVC 2012 capabilities. Even well over MSVC 2013. After some adjustments (mostly removing noexcept keyword and brace-initializations here and there) MSVC started dumping internal compiler errors. WTF?

I'm a calm man, but that made me angry (remember, it took several days to get here). So I decided to switch to MINGW with GCC. And I've failed again. It seems I just don't get it*. After few more days of failing a decision was made to get back to MSVC and work around these compiler errors. A few more days and I had Kadu compiled properly with all required dependencies. So I ran it. It crashed. Debugger shown me nothing interesting - just a normal function that is executing a lot and that never crashed for me under Linux. Just for fun I've commented crashing line and got another one. And another. And one more.

So I've finally gave up. There is only one hope - that Bartek will have time and will to work on this.

* Currently I work for a company that does Windows software. I can compile it, debug it, add files, create projects and so on. So why I can't do this for Kadu? I don't know...

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