Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Status update


It was long time since I've written anything here. So for just a quick update on what is going on:

  1. I've finally fixed English version of our web page. It was really unprofessionally looking with big error instead of screenshot on Home page and with bunch of chaotic characters on Download page.
  2. Since last post 2 alpha releases were made with one major fix of long-standing bug - some messages were not displayed at all and some were displayed twice.
  3. I use inverse of control more and more and it is working very well for code quality - it is now more testable than before.
  4. I also try to extract generic code where possible (like in sorted_unique_vector class) - it also improves code quality and makes is more testable.
  5. As a result of previous points, tests are added. Now we have only a dozen of them, but last year we had only one ;)
Lets go back to work!

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