Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What is going on with 1.0-alpha3?

Time between alphas in 1.0 release cycle is really long. Alpha1 was released 1.5 year after 0.12, alpha2 - more than month after alpha1. Another month passes but there is no alpha3 in sight. There are several reasons for this.

First, I'm the only active developer of Kadu now (beevvy is porting it to Qt5, but he is doing it in secret, so it does not count).

Second, I'm helping my friend with home overhaul.

Third, these are alphas for 1.0 release. I want them to be as solid as possible. Each alpha is dedicated to fixing one specific big issue (big in terms of required code changes). First alpha was done as mark that OTR is ready for generic use. Second one fixed issues #2621 and #2646. Now I'm working on better plugins handling (#2706). It requires a lot of work: splitting classes, writing unit tests, implementing graph algorithms. Most of the work is already done, but there is still GUI to be worked on.

Last big issue (that will make alpha4) is duplicating messages in chat view. After that, just little bugs will remain and we will be happy to switch to beta cycle.

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