Friday, 4 October 2013

Status update

After changing job (again...) I've found that I have more time and will to code at home ;)
Pace of Kadu development increased significantly and I must announce that OTR is now 100% usable with verification and policy support! (Well, we do not support instance tags as well as in Pidgin, but I don't think it is necessary for first release).

I hope to stabilize it in next week, do some refactoring and renaming in core to adjust for new API requirements and of course add Doxygen comments. After that 1.0-alpha1 will be released and I'll focus on bugfixing others are of application. Kadu has 148 open bugs on redmine, some of them are regressions from 0.12.3. I want to get rid of all regressions and crashes. It would be good to get under 100 again ;)

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