Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Living on my own

It is almost month now after I've left my job at Cognifide and decided to work with technology of my choice - Qt (I'm not really a Java guy). I was lucky enough to find Bluecherry - an US company that creates video surveillance software. They were looking for a Qt developer and I was looking for new challenges.

Bluecherry is based in US and have employees all around the world. So there is only one way to cooperate - remote working. After one month of doing only that I must say that this is the best way of working for me. The most important change is of course lack of interruptions. In can be very loud in open-space with about 50 people on one floor, without doors and walls. Also, there are always a lot of people that have questions for you and it is rude to not answer :( It is said that one interruption can cost developer 15 minutes to return to task. With big open-spaces interruptions can be so frequently that you will never go back to your task. In home I feel 10 times more productive (but this is probably only 2 or 3 times).

Next big thing is that I have more freedom with managing my time. I like to work late at night and I hate to wake up early. Now I don't have to :) And when there is a nice weather I can grab a bike and go for a ride in the middle of the day. And just work more at night ;)

Working at home also means less junk food. It was very easy to order a pizza with colleagues from work. Now I cannot remember when I last eaten pizza...

In summary: less stress, less distractions, more health!

PS: I work on Bluecherry Client that was recently open-sourced and is available on Github. So I'm working on open-source, C++/Qt project and I'm being paid for it! That's a developer dream...

PS2: Recently I got a second contract with Arise - so I was 100% open-source developer for only about a week, but this still counts for my developer karma

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