Wednesday, 18 July 2012

QML in Kadu 1.0


Yes, it is true. Next version of Kadu will be 1.0. After 10 years we have finally decided that Kadu is mature enough to get a full version ;)

It does not mean that it is now finished. It won't even have all the features that we would like to put in it (migration from other clients, voice-video chats, integration with telapthy and so on). It is impossible for such a small team to do it all in a reasonable amount of time.

But still, it will be great release with some new features and a much smaller bug count than 0.12.0. I'll present first one now.


As some of you know, QML is a quite new language for UI design created by Trolltech for Qt. It is really nice JSON-like language that allows for creating animated and responsive UIs in fraction of time of other solutions (like QWidgets).

Its usage in Kadu is still very small and experimental, but we have first, very promising, results.

This is new look and feel of Open Chat With... window:

QML version of Open Chat With... window

It has really nice animations of selection and very cool kinetic scrolling (no scrollbar for now).

It will get better with Qt5 and QtQuick (QML) 2.0! Stay tuned ;)

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