Tuesday, 27 March 2012

0.12.0-alpha4 - MUC and movable history file

MUC support

Gadu-Gadu has conferences. XMPP/Jabber has MUC - Multi User Chat. MUC is much more like IRC - conversation is done in rooms which people can join and leave.

For now MUC support in Kadu is very basic - you can join and leave room (protected with password or not), see everybody in that room, chat with people and see chat's history. As MUC XEP is very, very, very long I've decided to not implement everything at once (it would take several years at least). We will just add features that people needs in next releases.

Join Room Window

Movable history file

Again, we have updated history file format. If you've used older alpha version of 0.12.0 you must remove kadu-0.12.conf.xml and history2.db from your Kadu profile directory.

New history format can be moved between installations of Kadu without problems. It does not use UUIDs anymore to connect database entries with contacts and chats. Thanks to that we were able to remove a lot of data from configuration file (it is now 30% smaller for me).

Saturday, 3 March 2012

0.12.0-alpha3 - new Plugins window and icon theme selector

I know it is two weeks since last alpha, but previous week was devoted to new stable release - 0.11.1. Get it as soon as you can ;)

Here is more about great new stuff incoming in 0.12.0!

Good looking plugins window

Out plugin window had GUI that remembered 0.5.0 or even 0.4.0 release of Kadu. It has non-intuitive interface (double-clicking for plugin activation/deactivation) and was just ugly. Fortunately, Juzef started to work on this. Here are screenshots of effects of his work:

New Plugins Window.

As many of you can tell it is directly inspired by KDE4 plugin dialogs. An by KDE4 source code (OpenSource is great for this kind of stuff). We are thinking about making this one part of configuration window as another section. What do you think about this idea?

Icon theme selector with preview

This one fixes a 5 years old feature request. I think that screenshot will be enough:

Icon Theme Selector with preview
New configuration file

Updated configuration format requires new configuration file. From now it is called kadu-0.12.0.conf.xml - so changes wont be visible between instances of Kadu 0.12.0-alphaX and Kadu 0.11.1. Be careful with that!

Bartosz has worked on Gadu-Gadu connection problems that some people are experiencing. These changes will probably go into Kadu 0.11.3 (that will be released in 3 weeks from now). He also found a way to make our Aspell bundle on Windows much smaller. Current installers have less that 20MB in total (compared to almost 40MB of 0.9.0 release).