Saturday, 18 February 2012

0.12.0-alpha2 - new Set Status window and more history improvements

Another week, another alpha release. This is what we call "release often, release early".

Status window

This release brings you an effort of hard Juzef's work - new Status window. It allows you to change status and description (or presence and presence message, as in XMPP) in one window with multi-line description editor and history of as many previous description as you wish.

Select your new status
Select one of previous descriptions

History improvements

As requested after last post, I've added F3 and Shift+F3 shortcuts for search in chat windows and history. Also search bars in history window are always visible (in every tab) to make them easier to use.

Another small feature is that history can be disabled per buddy and per chat.

Here you can disable history for given buddy...

... and given chat

History recovery

Since we are using Sqlite3 for history storage several users suffered from broken database (about three of them if I remember correctly). So I've added a history recovery feature to Kadu 0.12.0. Unfortunately, it only works on Linux when one have sqlite3 binary installed. But this is still better than our competitors features ;)

History recovery and import - all in one window

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