Friday, 6 January 2012

0.11.0 - part four - visual improvements

During 0.11.0 cycle we have spent some time improving UI of Kadu. Here I'll present a short list of most visible changes.

Toolbar buttons with menus

In 0.10.0 menus for toolbar buttons were implemented in Kadu and it was not very pretty - there was no distinction between normal buttons and menu button.In 0.11.0 we use Qt functionality and there is a small arrow to indicate that menu is available.

Button with menu can have default action (that is executed when button is clicked) or not. First ones have a small arrow next to button, second ones have an arrow directly on button.

Menu button without default action

Menu button with default action
More tabs

Tabs now will shrink when you have a lot of open chats. This allows to show more of them without need to scroll.
Really lot tabs shown at once
Unfortunately, tabs icons will no longer blink. There is Qt bug that caused all tabs to scroll to left when icon was changed - reaching tabs that were far on the right was impossible.

Message notifications

You will no more miss a message - every unread one is now indicated on dock icon, roster, window icon and tab icon. In 0.10.0 only messages for non-open chats were shown. Also placement of icon on roster was improved - it is now shown instead of status icon, non next to it.
New message icons on roster
Add conference window

Creating a conference required a lot of work - one had to Ctrl+select all needed buddies and then right-click and select "Chat..." command. New window will make this easier - you can easily select buddies, name a conference (or not, if it is one-time only) and start it. Lets have a look:
Add conference window
In this window you will no longer lose any selection by accidental click. Filtering by name, group, id  makes it very easy to find required buddies. Visible name can be set for a conference - then it will be displayed on top of roster widget.