Friday, 23 December 2011

0.11.0 - part three - conferences

Conferences on roster

Conference is a way in Gadu-Gadu to talk with many people at once. It is very different from XMPP MUC or IRC chatrooms, as you cannot add new people or remove them. Until 0.11.0 ithe only way to start  start a conference was to select all buddies (using Ctrl+mouse click), then right-click of one of buddies and select "Chat" action. It is not convientant all at, escpecially if you chat with the same people all the time.

So we've added possibility to add conference to roster widget. To do that just select all buddies, right click, select "View Chat Properties" menu item and fill in "Visible Name" for given chat. This conference will be then available at top of roster widget. You can also add conference to groups and search for them in roster widget by typing its name.


It was implemented by creating MergedProxyModel for Qt that allows to merge two or more models into one. Model for roster widget merges model of all used chats and conferences (unnamed are filtered out) with model of all available buddies. Then other model (named TalkableProxyModel) sorts all items and pass them to widget.


Some screenshots of this new amazing feature:

Conference on roster widget

Expanded conference on roster widget - you can see who takes part in it

Conference data edit window - you can set name and select groups


Beta 1 was released a few days ago. Give it a try! It is available at Kadu's Google Code page.

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