Friday, 9 December 2011

0.11.0 - part one

This is first post from a series describing new features and improvements of incoming Kadu 0.11.0. As we are aiming for shorter release cycles this list will not be as long as 0.9.0 one.

Proxy configuration
Lets start with the oldest bug in: Its took whole 8 years to close this one. After last year's rewrite of SMS code to use JavaScript code instead of C++ one this was easy to fix - just use QNetworkAccessManager to set proxy and you are done.

But our proxy configuration was lacking - every account had separate proxy setting and there was no way to easily change proxy for all accounts at once (that would be nice to have for people who often changes networks).

New mechanism was created - there is centralized place for configuring as many proxy setting as one may want. Each account can now choose proxy from the list as well as SMS plugin (or select special Default one). Default proxy can be changed at any time from configuration window or from toolbar button (note: it is not added by default to any toolbar, you need to do it yourself).

Mandatory screenshots
Window for creating proxy configurations

Selecting proxy for an account - you can select Default configuration

Selecting default proxy for whole application from toolbar button

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