Saturday, 24 September 2011

Half a year later...

Lots of news

Since last blog post a lot of things happened... 0.10.0 was released, we got a new server and moved from mantis to redmine...

0.10.0 release and 0.11.0

0.10.0 is our first release using new release cycle - that means only 5 month after 0.9.0. That is great, because we don't have so many new features to test - we can focus more on stability. That does not mean that nothing changes - Kadu got new plugin code, new build method, better system integration and one new notify plugin. Kadu Team plans to release 0.11.0 sometime about February 2012. 0.11.0 release will be about faster startup times, faster plugin loading and general performance problems fixing. We may be able to fix some of our ugly APIs (status and details APIs).

New server

After releasing 0.9.0 we decided that we need a new server. Old one just wasn't enough to handle all the traffic that comes with releases. We had move from our old server sponsored by 'Chilan' and Silvercoders (both are companies run by former developers of Kadu: Tomasz Chiliński and Adrian Smarzewski) - we are very thankful for all of these years when we could use this hardware. Kadu now uses server provided by Uni-Lux sp. z o.o. where Tomarz Jarzynka is working (he is the father of Kadu). We also got new, shorter domain: instead of

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