Wednesday, 18 May 2011

0.10.0 progress, part two

Second month since 0.9.0 release has passed. In our new release cycle that means that we are close to feature freeze (we are just waiting for GaduGadu 10 roster support). This is short list of new features since last blog post:

Plugins cleanup

Unsupported and old plugins were removed:
  • server_monitor (removed in 0.9.2 release)
  • parser_extender (merged into core)
  • all blacklisted plugins (dbus, tlen_protocol, echo)
  • all sound plugins but phonon_sound, qt_sound and ext_sound
  • many mediaplayer plugins were merged into mprisplayer_mediaplayer (dont worry, configuration will be imported automatically)
SDK and build changes, autodownload removed

Kadu has now SDK - FindKadu CMake modules for external plugins and own set of C++ headers for installation in /include prefix. Plugins can install its own C++ headers as well.

It means that every plugin can now be build outside of Kadu source tree and without modification of any Kadu source files.

Old .config file was removed. Installing non-standard icons, emoticons and sound themes is not supported anymore from Kadu build system - you have to do it on your own or just copy somewhere and configure Kadu at runtime to use your themes. Plugins are now configured inside new Plugins.cmake file and thanks to SDK additional plugins can be compiled and installed at any moment.

Autodownload is completely removed (I think distribution packagers will be very happy for that) as it is not really needed - everything needed for Kadu compilation is available in source packages and addons should be installed separately.

In-chat notification

New chat-notify plugins provides status-change notifications in chat window:

Myself on buddy list

It is again possible to have Myself buddy on buddy list. Just enable it from Buddies menu and you are done.

Message confirmations for GaduGadu protocol

Ultr has implemented GUI for message confirmations for GaduGadu protocol. Each message in standard Satin style has now icon attached to it: (...) for messages on the way, (v) for delivered messages and (x) for undelivered messages. This allows you to see if your network or GaduGadu servers are working properly.

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