Saturday, 16 April 2011

0.10.0 progress

It is almost full month since 0.9.0 has been released (and one week since 0.9.1). KaduTeam is now busy working on the upcoming 0.10.0 release, which will bring a lot of new shinny features. Here is brief list of what has been already done.

Blinking status icons

Maybe this is not the biggest feature ever, but is is really nice. When Kadu is logging to IM network all status icons (in dock, on buttons and in toolbars) connected with this network are blinking offline <-> your logging status. This is nice indication of what is happening

Better hibernation support

Kadu now knows about your network state (using NTrack library or Qt's QNetworkConfigurationManager on systems where NTrack is not available). When network goes offline Kadu automatically disconnects all accounts and connects them after network is back online. Kadu now properly reconnects after wake up!

Better Gnome3 and Ubuntu support

WhiteEagle has rewritten our kde4_notify plugin into freedesktop_notify (as it never required anything from KDE4) that works better with notification deamon from Gnome3 and Ubuntu (ie. does not put buttons on every notification as Ubuntu deamon does not support buttons).

Suggestions for spellchecker

Our new contributor, Dienet, sent us a set of patches adding suggestions for misspelled words to context menu of chat window. It looks like this:

Sugestie wyrazów
Better XMPP and Gadu-Gadu support

We are working hard with libgadu team to make file transfers in Gadu Gadu possible again. Also work on file transfers and MUC for Jabber/XMPP is on the way (hopefully it will be ready for 0.10.0 release).
Gadu Gadu will also receive contacts list synchronization that is available in Gadu Gadu 10 original client.

History importers

Plugin for importing GG from original Gadu Gadu 6/7 clients is already available: check it on wiki. KaduTeam will cooperate with author of this plugin to add it to default Kadu 0.10.0 package and to extend it to support Gadu Gadu 8 and 10 histories.


Future for Kadu is very bright ;)

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