Monday, 24 January 2011


More actions

Kadu has a lot of available actions, added by core, our modules and external modules. Some of these are only available as toolbuttons that can be added to chat window or other windows. So each module added its actions to toolbars by default and the toolbar became cluttered... (mediaplayer module added 5 actions itself!).

To fix that I've disabled the possibility to easily add toolbuttons by API, so no module can do this now ;) I've also added new action, called "More..." that can be added to toolbar. This action just shows a menu with all chat and users actions that are not in toolbar. It is not very pretty, menu is not sorted/categorized in any way, but it works for now. In future versions this will looks better, I promise.

Toolbars synchronization

This was a pain for anyone that wanted to change toolbar layout in chat window. Changes were reverted all the time. The proper solution was to open only one chat window, setup toolbars and close this window. Now toolbar layout is synchronized between all opened chat window and it is stored after every change - so it now works as it should ;)

These changes will be available in beta15, as soon as server will be up again.

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