Sunday, 21 November 2010

Invalid password

Kadu never had good support for Invalid Password message. If you were lucky you would get a notification about that and then you had to find a place to enter your valid password. This has changed recently. When Kadu receives "invalid password" error from server a new notification is displayed (it is nice and transparent):

If you dont remember your password, you can click "Ignore" and Kadu will stop trying to connect. If you know your real password, you can click "Enter new password" button and get this pretty window:

(yes, it is still half-translated).

After clicking "Ok" Kadu will try to connect again. So easy and so nice ;)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Beyond 0.6.6

As 0.6.6 release of Kadu is getting closer and closer Kadu Team is already thinking about future versions. We do not have as huge plans as after 0.6.5, but still :)


We want to make releases faster (there is almost a year now from 0.6.6-alpha0 release)!
Ideally we will have new full release every 3 to 4 months (that means 3 to 4 full releases every year, 6 to 8 times more than now)! This will of course make these releases smaller and MUCH easier to maintain. And with less features every release we will have less bugs, so everyone wins :)

Usability and look & feel

Our usability and look & feel improved a lot (transparency!) last two years thanks to our usability team, but there is still very much to do. We have modules window that is ugly. Syntax editors in configuration dialog are not very pretty... We need better widgets for color themes and shortcut editors. A fresh new "Open chat with..." window would be nice too.

I hope at some time we will get QML-based buddies list widget. With animations, transitions and all the fancy stuff everybody loves ;)

Modules/plugins support

We have pretty good modules system. But... Our plugin manager window is not usable at all. We need new one. We need a method for auto-loading of needed modules (based on user's configuration) so users could check "i want this feature" instead of going to modules window and search for module name in plain list. We need per-plugin configuration windows so users do not need to search for options. Moving from Kadu-specific .desc files to standard .desktop would be nice too.

Better protocols support

We do not have full GG10 protocol support. That is sad, as Kadu was created as Gadu-Gadu only application.

0.6.6 is first release with XMPP support, so I'm sure we don't have all features implemented ;)
Kadu does not supports transports or XMPP services now :(

Better code

No much to say here. Code always can be better. I'm trying to improve our code in every place so it is/will be very easy to maintain and modify.

1.0 release?

I hope we will have it before end of the world in 2012 ;)