Monday, 21 December 2009

Kadu 0.6.6 alpha0

Kadu 0.6.6 alpha0 was released.

Warning: This version will eat your children. Do not use if you are not sure what you are doing. Configuration file format was changed (configuration file too), history format was changed. Reverting back to older versions is be possible, but with loss of all new history and configuration changes. If you can, use new Kadu from new user or with CONFIG_DIR set to kadu_alpha. We will not provide any official packages for this version.

Alpha0 releases in Kadu are soft-API freeze releases. That means that no one is allowed to make big API changes (small changes are still allowed). Stability in general is very good, history works, chats works, file transfers - we don't really know yet ;)

Now we will focus on adjusting our GUI to mockups provided by Usability Team and on fixing remaining (less important) API parts - like Pending Messages, File Transfers or Status Chagner. Many modules needs to be adjusted to new API too.

And of course: stability, stability and stability ;)

ChangeLog available at gitorious.
Source package available at (2MB).

Good lock!

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