Monday, 14 September 2009

New history window

Juzef has been working on new history window (and SQL history backend) for some time. So I've finally give it a try and after some tweaks I will show you effects of his work (this window still needs lot of work from our UI team, but it works as it should):

On the left side there is list of all chats (single ones and conferences - future modules like irc_protocol would be able to add new types of chats). You can use edit box above this tree view to filter chats by name, contacts, contacts' ids and whatever you want.

On the right side you have list of dates. You can select any one of them and you will get list of messages from that date. Above that is edit box for searching words (it will filter chats and dates lists too) and for selecting date range (it will filter chats list also).

What needs to be done:
* usability (this window does not have any)
* highlighting of found words (needs backport from

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