Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Kadu now supports avatars on contacts list and chat window with Adium styles (now only for GaduGadu accounts). Implementation was done by me, Juzef and White Eagle (team work ;) ). Thanks to Qt model-view framework and to Kadu protocols' service framework this was very easy to do. Now we only need to optimize it a bit (don't ask server every time for avatar data) and to use original aspect-ratio of images.

Below is screenshot with contacts from my list that have avatars and two contacts without one, so you can see the temporary default-avatar image too.

And the chat window:

Next feature that will be implemented by me is choosed by community on our forum - support for "Show messages from today/last day/last week" in chat window (similar to what is in Skype 4).


  1. Hello! I've installed new verion. And I activated gg_avatars module. Now I discoverd that i have to change look of menu and chat window to gg_avatars. But I can't find a upload avatar option.

  2. We don't support uploading avatars yet. You have to use web interface for Gadu Gadu.

  3. oh thank you for the info! and btw where can I find a theme to make avatars shown in contact list not in information panel ;-)

  4. You need git-master version to get avatars on contacts list. Get it from