Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Accounts window

Our Usability team worked hard for bringing some nice windows for users. The first one I've implemented (almost) is "Your accounts" (White Eagle is working on "Add buddy" window now).

Maybe some screenshots now:

This is the window in "New account mode" (the only one already implemented). It lacks edit/delete functions, but anyone really needs them?

Lets select "Gadu-Gadu" from protocols combobox. What do you get?

You can enter things like "Account name", "Gadu-Gadu number" and "Password". Below is something called "Account description" - not yet implemented too. If you don't have an Gadu-Gadu account go select "I don't have a Gadu-Gadu number" and you'll get this window:

You need to provide e-mail address and a password (two times). And the "captcha" has to be solved (it is Gadu-Gadu's thing, not our invention). Click "Register" and with some luck you'll be granted with new account!

Next click "Add this account" and you'll get this:


Implementing this window required some strange code:
  1. CreateAccountWidget was added, each ProtocolFactory now has to provide function that create one of these window (like GaduAccountCreateWidget, that is visible above),
  2. Creating FirstEmpty model class that adds an item before any other items in a model (like "Select a network to add" in example above); I think there is a better way to do that, but I haven't found one.
We (with the whole Kadu Usability Team) hopes that our users will love these windows. If you have any suggestions please put them in comments or on Kadu forum (we have special subforum for English users).


  1. "it is Gadu-Gadu's think" I think you meant "thing" ;)