Wednesday, 1 April 2009

0.6.6 in middle of the way

Kadu 0.6.6 is now half done. I've decided to stop adding new features and reorganizing/rewriting code and to focus on stabilization and functionality that was lost in the development process after 0.6.5 (excluding modules, only core counts). So everyone is encouraged to get the last SVN snapshot and test it. I would like to have a stable version in a week or two, before the next part of API will go under review (the less important part).

We've done a summary of changes (done so far) on our forum. Here it is translated:
  • Gadu protocol moved to gadu_protocol module;
  • kadu-core directory splitted, files moved to subdirectories;
  • splitted big classes (Kadu -> KaduWindow, Core, KaduWindowActions, StatusMenu, StatusButton);
  • notify and window_notify modules moved to core;
  • static objects reimplemented as singletons (e.g. AccountsManager::instance());
  • a lot of new API to support multiple protocols: Account, Contact, AccountsManager, ContactsManager, ProtocolFactory, ContactAccountDat and many more;
  • UserListElement/UserListElements replaced by Contact/ContactList and probably ContactSet in nearest future;
  • services extracted from Protocol class, every implementor can just implement a subset of them - like Chat of FileTransfer;
  • Qt3Support removed, contacts list is MVC now;
  • Chat concept introduced (chat with one contact, GG conferences, IRC chatroom, XMPP chatroom - everything is a Chat), contacts list will be transfered into chat list in fututre;
  • simpler classes to support configuration storing (StorableObject, UuidStorableObject);
  • Adium chat styles support (with possibility to add more styles engines);
  • better X11 integration (by ultra);
  • idle module for supporting autoaway and similar modules (no more /proc reading);
  • better, splited menu (3 submenus);
  • extended group management (adding, removing, changing name and so on);
  • tlen and jabber modules added (Juzef, uzi);
  • a lot more.
And it's just half of the things that needs to be done...

Proof-read by Stiep

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