Monday, 2 March 2009

Sending files

Kadu trunk can now send and receive files. Dcc6 and Dcc7 are supported. NAT to NAT Dcc7 connections will not work (libgadu issue). I've not checked Dcc6 callback connections (public-ip to NAT). If anyone has Gadu Gadu 6.x and is behind NAT - please contact with me on Kadu forum, so we can test this too.

What is left? Notify-based questions (accept file/reject file) and merging new file transfers with old ones (like sending rest of the same file in another session).


  1. "Notify-based questions (accept file/reject file) "
    Maybe it's time to move notify and window_notify modules to core :)

  2. Not yet... File-transfer code needs cleanup, patches from Juzef needs to be commited...

    There is still much work to do.